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Freja beha erichsen lesbian

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Sites like these reduce her down to being the lesbian model, and this ignores the entirety of her talent and the work she does.

The world could definitely use more lesbian and gay prefaces to names. Nude chinese women photos. I would rather hear from someone who is out and comfortable with being outspoken like Tasha Tilberg than pressure someone who doesn't want to talk about their personal life into divulging the details. For Hugo Boss it would be a distraction from their focus on selling the fragrance.

Freja beha erichsen lesbian

Discovered on the streets of her native Denmark by a modeling agent passing by, [10] Erichsen made her debut as a model in at the fall Paris and Milan shows of PradaLouis Vuittonand Miu Miu which she opened.

Tenemos el PODER de pensar, hacer y escribir lo que nosotros deseamos de cualquier persona En mi opinion referirse con ese tipo de Analogias al ser humano como: I'm a bit confused as to why the interview had to be conducted in English, if both participants' native tongue is Danish, and it would be printed in Danish anyway?

It would be like sites writing the "big breasted model" in regards to Lara Stone, or the "model with the mole" in regards to Cindy Crawford, if that makes sense. Apparently this is the editorial she did in Marrakesh on the 4th of March. Freja beha erichsen lesbian. I'm just irritated by this and it's hard for me to explain why. She said we should be "very very afraid". Or is it Freja, or her publicists? Excellent point about the descriptor "lesbian" being an inadequate one.

They're super pushy about it and it's beyond annoying. I guess it's the Winter campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Black celebrities naked photos. She isn't that active anymore now but she is an amazing model and a wonderful representation of our team. She has a balance diet to maintain herself healthy. And the clients have tapped into that in recent years, knowing that certain models will generate enormous exposure, publicity and hopefully, sales through their many followers. And I cringe from the thought that in years time, Freja will just be a footnote that reads "lesbian model" when she is so, so much more.

She is one of the successful and talented model. Because to the best of my knowledge Freja has never officially said anything about her sexuality one way or another. Just something curious fans pondered about. She knows that we know about her sexuality.

OMG I would sell my soul to set up this threesome! Ruby Rose is a Pisces. Retrieved 19 January Jan 20, Messages: Her body looks perfect to me.

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Instead she has always focused on the work, preferring to live the rest of her life well outside the public view. Nude pics of charo. I think the don't-speak-in-Danish rule probably came from Hugo Boss, because none of their people are Danish.

Which is why I'll be sure not to bring up this issue again, unless Freja brings it up herself and openly puts it out into the public sphere. Vogue UK, JuneMarrakech https: Okay so she may have suggested something in some interview but that's not sufficient to refer to her as a gay or straight or whatever. Seems like some fans like the one who posted directly above have made up their minds despite the lack of any actual confirmation, and some media outlets have no problem feeding that.

In tagging her as a lesbian model, news agencies are playing to what they know fans want most, which is something Freja refuses to let them have. It Was the Change Next. Freja broke up with her Danish gf sometime inIrina got back with Pete in August of and before that was dating Sean Lennon.

Who will you find on this list of famous lesbian models? In she posed nude for cult publication Purple Magazine by photographer couple Inez van Lamsveerde and Vinoodh Matadin to challenge gender stereotypes about sexuality. Her body is to die for. We chatted once about nose-picking on the red carpetwhich was a welcome respite from standard stilted conversations with defensive celebrities about their vacation plans.

Why is that word so hard to say, Vogue? In fact Karl made sure she was the only face in that campaign. Freja beha erichsen lesbian. It's a pretty well known fact at this point and honestly I don't think Freja sees it as a big deal.

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Regardless of the reasons behind the use of the tag, I remain of the belief that it is really just poor, lazy journalism. Kate luyben nude. Your name or email address: Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register].

But is British Vogue really afraid of the word lesbian? Her eye color is brown. You would think that the people responsible for these articles are aware of the insinuating power of syntax. This "experiemental" side helped fuel rumours that Abbey was sleeping with fellow model, the lesbian Freja Beha. As of Octobershe is listed as one of the "Industry Icons". As for me, I am much more inclined to hear about news of her latest editorial than gossips about her private life.

Confirming something and not saying anything about something are not the same thing. Erichsen is featured in the edition of the Pirelli Calendarphotographed by Karl Lagerfeld. Sexy big boobs girls naked. Take a look at this list and get in on the conversation in the comments section. Do we hold models to the same standards we hold actors or politicians?

All you humanities majors should be very familiar with this.

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Since when did Freja's sexuality become officially confirmed news? Kate Moss styled it, Glen Luchford photographed it, and Christiaan did the hair. Nude photo poses. And I cringe from the thought that in years time, Freja will just be a footnote that reads "lesbian model" when she is so, so much more.

Go to Next Page. NTNM Mar 18 Amber Rose is another famous model who has talked about her fluid sexuality. Your name or email address: Tasha is also older and I imagine with age comes less reticence to talk about such issues if one is inclined to speak to the public. Super sexy fucking girls Thanks for your post and your words of encouragement!

Um, I follow her on weibo cause sometimes she does have great behind the scenes pictures with freja, arizona, other modelsbut it's still completely unprofessional of her to be talking about freja's relationship so often.

Vogue UK preview pic.

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