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A Puerto Rican grocer's life is threatened and his store is boycotted after he saves a policeman from an attack by a gang of neighborhood boys. When guys speak so much like a teen girl I can't help perceiving it as inauthentic even if subconsciously done.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Claire danes nude pictures. He also attacked Peter last Christmas around this time when his aunt was dying. Except of course they don't want to keep anything private, but just coming out and saying they're in a relationship only gets a one time bump. Charles gross nudes. Why not destroying old TVs and PCs or skydiving? Are you a "paedophile"? XD he sounds like a complete loser now.

Did someone mention science? This thread is strangely inactive. Peter seems so lovely and went through a lot the past two years.

It's general imageboard terms. Well not really, but the title was obviously for the views. But this has been all over social media and pretty much Youtube right now so I'm not sure why there wasn't a mega-thread before. Nobody believes you especially when all you do is lie and make photoshopped fabricated "proof" that doesn't hold any weight. Twistys nude girls. Are there any gay gamers on YouTube? This is another gay geek. He has no proof of anything and just keeps repeating "he looks 14, he literally looks 12, they're so young, blah blah blah" with no context.

Now he fakes that youtubers are pedophiles and that jeff called him a faggot. Just that posting children and porn on the same blog is terrible". He has the kind of gayvoice that Markiplier has, but taken down a couple notches.

Our bodies naturally are attracted to the bodies of those who are the healthiest to reproduce. He must get a high from it. I'll just post what they found out: Plus his personality, ugh. Since Youtube has live streaming, why would anyone use a separate service unless the revenue split is better I heard mcdonalds is always hiring though! In other news, Dan Howell keeps making remarks about liking guys, in one of the recent videos he said he can relate to being too focused on the career to meet good-looking guys.

JK acts like he's a highschool weasel, spreading nasty rumors about the popular kids. Davey Wavey is why they hate us.

He wanted to move back to the states. A go-go dancer accuses an influential businessman Robert Alda of murdering her husband.

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At least they don't sell aliexpress shit anymore, Kuckian does.

Their audience is teenage girls and dataloungers. Also, none of Ya'll addressed any of what I said. Ali cobrin tits. However I'm not on Peter's side either cause even tho those pictures on his page are not concrete evidence of anything, some of them are pretty disturbing.

He does travel vlogs. Charles gross nudes. How does this work? In the US people think of lawsuits right away but don't realise that people go to prison over abusive tweets and facebook posts in the UK.

I feel kinda bad for Vinny here. That guys doesn't have the fans Jackson has, Aaron will ignore him because it won't help him climb. R, I made a thread about Jackson and Aaron. Youtubers have been boring lately. Learn how to sage. You go to his twitter and see some people saying JK has blocked them because they dared to question him AND he defends trisha paytas who is a major racist.

And yeah, I totally agree. Gaping cum filled ass. You're telling me that's guy told you deetz on his sex? And right before Christmas, while his dog is sick!!! I don't think Peter is a pedophile. A high-ranking foreign police official is nearly shot by a sniper during an award ceremony at city hall.

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It's nice to know he's human because Mark Miller is very plastic and sterile. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. Oh shut the fuck up, R He needs advice to upload better content. JPG He privated his video once they had her. I like how cheerful he is in his videos and he's not flaunting his sexuality for views well, maybe because he's hiding it Posted 26 Dec edited. Sakura haruno big tits. I can't even watch movies with those kinds of things happening. James Charles quickly debunked him on Twitter and on Peter's video s I think he commented on more than one vid.

So do i fam.

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Walked in on milf I fucking despise John Kuckian and I believe he is sick in the head, manipulative, gaslighting every chance he has, scamming. And it's glorious tbh. Apparently, Peter deleted his which is a smart move.
Lesbian scissor xxx Seems to stem from the fact that he took Jarrods side during the Tati drama. John here's a psa: I don't know if it's true, if he's actually bi.
Young curvy big tits It doesn't make him a pedophile. His channel hasn't taken off. In her message, it seemed like they had beef before all this?
Young lesbian foot fetish All of this is bullshit and John later recanted, stating "oh I didn't mean that he was posting child porn. Then Jackson tweets this? Started by hunty , 2 Jan
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