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Nude by rihanna

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It does invoke purity, softness, nudity. Well, that was a bad idea - it's like the initial rush of a new love.

Recently, I tested, for the first time, Rihanna's Rogue, Reb'l Fleur and Nude, and liked them all to start with, but by the end of the day I didn't like Rogue. Adele taylor nude photos. I feel like it's a year round perfume.

Nude is a gorgeous scent! Well done Riri, very good scent. I do a lot of ballroom dancing and need fragrances like this that stay close to the skin. Nude by rihanna. Boy was I wrong! I agree with one of the previous reviewers about the bottle.

This time the box is a skin color and the band on the box is also skin color hence the name nude This time the bottle is clear with the skin colored band on the bottle with a skin colored cap. Its a little soapy i love soapy notes in fragrancesa little fruity; in a natural way not a sugary way, slightly powdery and finishes with a musky drydown. It is described as having "woody and skin musky notes" I don't know about that.

I highly recommend if you like musky skin scents Select files from your computer Select photos. Longevity is decent hrs and the projection is very soft and sits very close to the skin. Kitten nude pics. The musk is irritating me a bit, as musk is apt to do. Mmm this is nice. Bought BOTH wrong samples in search of that elusive delicious sweet scent I craved, and felt so foolish that I forbade myself to go back for the remaining possibility, Nude.

Rihanna unveils sultry ad for her new perfume on Twitter as she tells fans 'make sure you smell sexy, especially naked ' ". I think the scent is accurately named. Good Girl Gone Bad: I've had this for over a year. I have gotten more personal with Nude. You can also smell the Vanilla orchid, this adds the creaminess to this fragrance.

I wear it to bed and it feels very intimate and romantic. Is this not the most perfect fruity floral ever? This smells just like Kim Kardashian True Reflection, mixed with a little bit of Rihanna reb'l fleur. Funny how seasons bring out the best in perfumes.

Nude by rihanna

Too bad it doesn't last long on my skin. If you've ever smelled Reb'l Fleur or Rebelle by Rihanna, this scent is definitely a step down on the intensity scale.

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Rihanna launches Nudethe third fragrance that bears her name the first was Reb'l Fleur, and Rebelle was the second. Hot sexy big boobs nude. It might as well be water.

Too bad it doesn't last long on my skin.

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It's a soft sweet scent that is kept from being too gourmand by fruits. This settles down to a really nice warm vanilla smell. Smells lovely out of the bottle. Didn't really like it at first. The lasting power thought, I find is actually good! I will say that I've sniffed the bottle of Rihanna Nude body spray a time or two and suspect that it might contain the warm, sexy, tropical scent experience that others write of. I would be quite happy to receive this.

It's a nice fruity scent with a tropical feeling to it, but not special. Nude by rihanna. The initial spray was very sweet and overwhelming. Naked sexy girls naked. I feel like it's a year round perfume. Overall it's a nice day perfume, and the sillage and longevity do not disappoint, like Rihanna's first two fragrances, Nude has great projection and lasts all day on me. But thats what Reb'l nude is all about; a " your skin but better" type of fragrance. Yes, it's light but it stays close to my skin all day.

And Rogue love also I love Flower Bomb, so maybe that is the key to my love of this. Her other fragrances, rebelle, reb'l fleur, rogue, rogue man, smell divine, I have those and they are among my favorite scents in the perfume world!

Virgin Island Water 53 Reviews. I don't like it at all it smells cheap and it's very soft. I'm usually not great at picking out notes but with this I got canned peaches, white flowers and musk. Seriously though, all of her perfumes are amazing and different. Nude mom pussy pics. I sprayed it on at 8 pm last night, it's 9 am the next morning and my tshirt smells strongly of it still. A nicely blended, lightly fruity-floral with a vanilla musky drydown, the fragrance really does have a "Nude" feeling, in that it is a sultry-flirty skin scent.

I do wish this fragrance lasted longer, although I still enjoy it for what it is. Nude smelled ok in store but after i got it home its just ok its light and faint but it does smell good.

It is the perfect sweet fragrance in my mind. Perfect for those who don't do well with in-your-face fragrances Rihanna's first two are definitely that, as far as projection goes. Bought BOTH wrong samples in search of that elusive delicious sweet scent I craved, and felt so foolish that I forbade myself to go back for the remaining possibility, Nude.

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Would like to make sure I get a "backup" bottle of this. When I spray it on and it's still wet, it smells like the nectar of the gods, but after that--even right after it dries--nothing. I loved this fragrance when I first applied it. Girls being fucked porn. Then I thought, if body mist smells this good then the actual perfume must be fabulous! Still, I am too picky to buy this one.

It is well worth its modest purchase price, and it is a safe blind buy. Nude by rihanna. German leather milf Has just enough powderiness to round it out and make it soft, although guava and pear scents are generally pretty soft. Funny how seasons bring out the best in perfumes. When my bestie first prayed it, I was in love from the first spritz. It brings me back to my past when I wear this. I might buy it again since it's so inexpensive.

I love smelling fresh and clean and this doesn't quite fit that shower fresh scent I was hoping for. This fragrance along with Rogue Love are definitely the only safe blind-buy fragrances of her collection.

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Sexy boxing ring girls I have to try this on my skin, though.
Tiny sexy asian girls I think that despite the name "nude" and the image of softness this portrays, it is actually heavy, strong, and I guess I just can't pull it off.
Old girls getting fucked I can smell fresh juicy in the opening then sensual vanilla orchid and close with mild woody musk scent which makes this fragrance so gorgeous. Again, nothing amazing but it manages to be a pretty, clean, friendly, non offensive fragrance without being placed in the "boring" category.
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