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On a non-me or us-related subject, if you wanna gift yourself with a great record or two, here are a few things I picked up in the past year that I thought were pretty swell: Tramp was a swell cat, said some kind things about us on his Facebook page, and even went so far as to wear one of our t-shirts in an installment of his road video series "Songs From A Motel".

IG d typeof It'll have slightly updated art, and will only be available here and at shows. While we ponder, I'm gonna tape an episode of The Decibel Geek Podcast this weekend, discussing all things KISS, and my adventures working in their warehouse a few years back, etc. Twistys nude girls. Kenny celebrated a birthday, and I got to meet my Japanese metal heroes in Loudness while getting an LP signed for him. We did things a little differently this time, in terms of how we chose the material, AND how we recorded much of it, so there has been a bit of adjustment necessitated by the inherent learning curve of unfamiliar turf.

For instance… "Written and produced by Smith himself, An Overnight Low shows the singer-songwriter in a new light from his previous band efforts. Yaffa levan nude. They can't live without your love and affection, ladies All day, tons of bands, raffles, etc…. The manufacturer is cranking copies out for the label as we speak. OK, I've gotta split for a songwriting thing, but hopefully we'll see you out there. Well, since it recently occurred to me that I have neglected to update this page in over 2 months, I would first like to apologize for my lack of diligence, and keeping everyone on the edge of their seats instead of abreast of any and all goings-on hereabouts.

So, with that, we take a few weeks off to let me rest my weary-but- slowly -rebounding cords, before we head north to play a double-header of IL shows, first in Chicago specifically Libertyville at Mickey Finn's on September 23rd, followed by Hubfest in Marion, IL on the 24th. Sleepy sexy girl. Greetings and salutations, Earthlings. I suppose it actually depends on when you got around to reading this. Oh yeah, and we might do a real quick, totally-unrelated to-the-next-record, hit n' run studio thing shortly that'll hopefully make up for our lack of recorded output in We'll have them available at shows and for order here shortly.

I just finished up a demo of that the other day and I think it'll be a cool addition to what is currently quite a mixed bag of material. In short, this guy has been my brother, and someone I could always count on to have my back. More on that as things develop. He doodles those all the time for close friends. Learn MoreHelena Antonaccio added new photos. Gina Liano is admitted to hospital It's been a crazy year,for a variety of reasons…. I'm probably gonna need more coffee.

Nude with yellow shoes p. It has far exceeded my initial expectations.

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In October, we've got just a couple of shows on the books, but we'll likely add one or two more between now and then. Nude photos of avril. We'll still be playing sporadic shows along the way, but it's been nearly 2 years since we dropped "Dream In Stereo" on the world, and it feels like it might be time to follow that up with a new LP.

We did a few gigs while getting the material together for what would eventually become The Great Affairs 5th proper release, including one with Mike Tramp of White Lion. I drank entirely too much beer You're gonna need it. After a long day in the studio, I figured I'd be toast after our set, but I couldn't bring myself to split until Easy Roscoe wrapped up theirs, because every band on that bill did their level best to burn the place to the ground.

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We'll probably roll in a day early and stay a day late to tape an episode of the new podcast Drunken Lullabies while we're in town, visit some family, and catch the rest of the lineup. OK then, that's about it for now, or all I can think of worth blathering on about at the moment at least. He was remarkably candid with a packed house for being normally such a reserved, stoic man. Gina Liano is admitted to hospital As such, I will cut to the chase and try to "CliffsNotes" this entry to the best of my notoriously long-winded ability.

We thank you kindly in advance. Of course, we still have to choose a lead track, and shoot a video for that selection, among other things. I sang, played some keys and made loops…. Naked asian massage video. Yaffa levan nude. Oh, and just to be clear, the rest of you folks were swell…. It has far exceeded my initial expectations. We're gonna do a long one for this. Oh yeah, it's called 'Dream In Stereo', and it looks a little like this…almost exactly like this in fact.

That ugliness behind us, we were fortunate to get the opening slot on Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer's Nashville date at Mercy Lounge. Once back in Nashville, and with The Great Affairs reassembled, we got down to work on figuring out just how to hopefully play this new record live. Another first was overhearing some guy call me "Bon Jovi's brother", but I just plucked that as a feather rather than a thorn and stuck it in my cap, seeing as ol' JBJ once dated Diane Lane, forever and always "the one that got away" for me, even if we've never met.

We're doing three sets that night, which means a few select cover tunes, in addition to a handful of our own songs we've reinstated recently from previous releases. Firm tits porn. Granted, we got a lot busier on the road once he joined, and even more so after Henry bowed out and Matt returned to the fold on bass. Please wear pants as well. The Great Affairs last two releases have been EPs, with just 6 or 7 songs each unless you got those Kool Kat versions with the extra tracksso this will be our first true full-length release since 'Ricky Took The Wheels' in It smelled just like…well, you know…a Black Crowes concert.

We settled on a name: Unfortunately Mother Nature saw fit to drop a few random buckets of rain on both the heads of those assembled to witness the entertainment, and the defenseless PA system that had just been fired up for the opening act.

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