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In her spare time, the Ted Fellow does yoga, runs, backpacks, and she likes to bake and do metalsmithing. Free lesbian pornography. California Academy of Sciences Education: American Christofk studies the genes and proteins behind the way cancer cells use sugars to live and grow, which is different from how normal cells do.

Dina Spector and Jennifer Polland. He was first in his class! Phil in epidemiology from the University of Cambridge; B. They are currently being ravaged by a mysterious disease called colony collapse disorder. Sexy marine girls. Zak explores oxytocin in his book The Moral Molecule: S in molecular cell biology, University of California, Berkeley.

Bacteria hold on to some of their genes as little circles of DNA within their bodies, which are called plasmids. His brother and his fiancee live in Nicaragua, where they run surf and yoga retreats. American Burleson identifies and analyzes toxins created by the "red tide" phenomena — an algal bloom that looks red or brown and can make oysters and shellfish toxic to eat. Video games incorporated the brand into their storylines. Professor of aeronautics and bioengineering Institution: OK, minus the uniform.

She thinks this type of technology could be used to prevent Venice from sinking. Nina hartley naked photos. Downs syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome the large chunks of DNA that make up your genomeand Fan developed a way to count the baby's chromosomes, allowing her to diagnose extra chromosomal diseases in the womb. He was ranked as one of Popular Science's " Brilliant 10 " last September.

American To demonstrate how early life may have formed on Earth, Hanczyc makes chemical dropletscalled "protocells," that behave like living cells. Israeli Sharot studies the neuroscience of emotion, social interaction, decision making, and memory.

American Pattwell studies the development of the brain, particularly the neural circuits associated with fear, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder using mice as a model.

Among those who have been denied: Graduate student and co-founder of NeuWrite Institution: The goal is to eventually let you control devices with your mind. Burleson identifies and analyzes toxins created by the "red tide" phenomena — an algal bloom that looks red or brown and can make oysters and shellfish toxic to eat. A in philosophy from Harvard College Nationality: University of California, Los Angeles Education: The Marines have not responded.

American Mainzer built the sensor for the Spitzer Space Telescope, a NASA infrared telescope that's been going strong for the last 10 years in deep space.

Dabiri studies biological fluid mechanics and wind energy — specifically how animals like jellyfish use water to move around. British Armstrong uses artificial cells that have life-like qualities but are not fully alive to create sustainable construction materials that can hopefully repair themselves after a crack, bend, or break.

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Congress responded by authorizing the armed forces to regulate the use of their trademarks and collect royalties.

As director of the Roanoke Brain StudyMontague monitors brain activity while volunteers play games, view images, or interact with others, to understand how people make decisions at different times in their lives, and how this is related to the development of the brain, how well it works, and what happens when it doesn't.

His favorite meal is 2: Her father is a lawyer who represents celebrities. Nguyen is developing ways to guide surgeons during tumor removal surgery by using fluorescent compounds to make tumor cells — and just tumor cells — glow during surgerywhich helps surgeons perform successful operations and get more of the cancer out of the body.

Marshburn arrived on the International Space Station in Decemberalong with three other crew members. Mauritius escort girl. Khine uses Shrinky Dinks — a favorite childhood toy that shrinks when you bake it in the oven — to build microfluidic chips to create affordable tests for diseases in developing countries.

D lineage — which means her graduate adviser's adviser's adviser was the great Enrico Fermi who played a key role in the development of basic physics.

He's also helped design ways to make genetic screens easier and faster, so couples can get tested before having children.

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Astrophysicist and deputy project scientist at the wide-field infrared survey explorer Institution: The University of Washington Education: S in molecular cell biology, University of California, Berkeley Myong uses a special imaging technique that allows her to see single molecules, and their cellular processes, at a very detailed level. She loves shopping, running, puppies and cooking. Computational neuroscientist, physicist, and professor of computational neuroscience Institution: He's the founder of a vintage bicycle club chapter.

Professor of economics and department chair and founding director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies Institution: The screens have applications in cancer, organ transplants, auto immune diseases, vaccines, allergy, and asthma.

She figure skated competitively for 10 years and enjoys eating painfully spicy food. By tracking brain activity, Garten creates products to improve people's cognition and reduce stress. Currently a flight engineer with the Expedition 34 crew on the International Space Station Institution: Of all the battles the U.

Studying how ecosystems respond and adapt to changes can help us understand what will happen in the face of species extinction due to human encroachment and climate change.

University College London Education: Since they were notified, Gilbert and his partner at Vision-Strike-Wear yanked the Class A Girl and other offending items from their website and vowed not to sell Marine items that possess sexual content, or promote drugs, alcohol or extreme violence. Sexy marine girls. American Randall is considered to be one of the nation's foremost theoretical physicists, with an expertise in particle physics and cosmology.

She studies their genes and proteins, and goes out in the field to study them. These aren't your typical lab coat-wearing, messy-haired brainiacs — with the exception that they're all pretty brain-y. Famous tit slips. Cronin develops new technologies based on complex chemical reactions. These kind of algorithms can help screen videos and images for suspected terrorists, or to pick out signs of disease. An urban farmer, Wilson-Rich founded Best Bees in his Boston apartment to give Bostonians the resources to own and care for their own beehives.

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